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Enhancing Safety and Peace of Mind: The SOS Personal Help Alarm

In today’s fast-paced world, personal safety is paramount. With the SOS Personal Help Alarm, you can experience enhanced security and peace of mind through its array of innovative features designed to keep you protected in any situation.


Quick Emergency Response:

At the heart of the SOS Personal Help Alarm lies its quick emergency response system. With just the press of a button on either the carry-on remote control or the main unit, immediate assistance is summoned. Whether you’re facing a medical emergency or feeling threatened, help is just a button away.


Two-Way Voice Calls and SMS:

Upon activation of the “SOS” button, the device initiates two-way voice calls and sends SMS alerts to pre-set contacts. This ensures that your distress signals are heard loud and clear, allowing for swift intervention and support.


Activity Monitoring:

But safety isn’t just about emergencies; it’s also about staying vigilant and aware of your surroundings. The SOS Personal Help Alarm features advanced activity monitoring capabilities. While in standby mode, it records your daily activities, providing valuable insights into your routine.


Infrared Motion Detection:

Additionally, the device boasts infrared motion detection technology. By simply pressing “0” followed by a space, you activate this feature, indicated by a green light flash and audible confirmation. This technology captures daily activities within its range, automatically generating SMS reports on a daily or weekly basis.


Daily Exercise Countdown:

Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for overall well-being. The SOS Personal Help Alarm facilitates this with its unique daily exercise countdown feature. You can set a countdown reminder within the infrared detection range, ensuring that you stay active throughout the day. If no regular activities are detected nearing the countdown’s expiration, an alarm is triggered, prompting the system to notify your emergency contacts.


Remote Deactivation and Reassurance:

Even in the midst of an emergency, the SOS Personal Help Alarm offers flexibility and control. During a distress call, you can remotely deactivate the alarm by pressing “*”, providing reassurance and preventing false alarms. Furthermore, you can easily reopen the alarm within five minutes by sending a text message with the desired hours of protection.



With the SOS Personal Help Alarm, safety isn’t just a feature; it’s a guarantee. From its quick emergency response capabilities to its comprehensive activity monitoring and unique daily exercise countdown, this device empowers you to take control of your safety and well-being. Experience the peace of mind you deserve with the SOS Personal Help Alarm by your side.

Sos Personal Help Alarm
Sos Personal Help Alarm

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