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Enhancing Safety and Peace of Mind with SOS Help Alarm

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring your safety is paramount. The SOS Help Alarm stands out as a beacon of security, offering a range of features designed to provide quick emergency response, comprehensive activity monitoring, and a unique daily exercise countdown. Let’s delve into the product’s key attributes.


Quick Emergency Response: A Lifeline at Your Fingertips

Immediate Assistance with the “SOS” Feature

Our SOS Help Alarm boasts a carry-on button and a remote control equipped with an “SOS” feature, ensuring immediate emergency assistance with a single press. Whether you’re using the remote control or the main unit, help is just a button away.

Two-Way Voice Calls and SMS

Experience the power of effective communication in times of distress. The “SOS” button initiates two-way voice calls and SMS, connecting you with the help you need promptly. This dual communication feature ensures that your emergency situation is conveyed clearly and efficiently.


Activity Monitoring: Keeping an Eye on Your Well-Being

Record Daily Human Activities

In standby mode, the SOS Help Alarm becomes your vigilant companion, recording daily human activities seamlessly. Stay informed about your routines and movements effortlessly.

Infrared Motion Detection for Enhanced Monitoring

Take control with infrared motion detection by pressing “0” followed by a space. Watch as a green light flash and audible confirmation signify the activation. The infrared detection range captures daily activities, providing automatic SMS reports on a daily or weekly basis.

Deactivation Made Simple

When needed, easily deactivate motion detection by pressing the designated button. Flexibility is key, and the SOS Help Alarm ensures you have control over your monitoring preferences.


Daily Exercise Countdown: A Unique Security Measure

Set Personalized Countdown Reminders

Tailor your security with a 1-96 hour countdown reminder within the infrared detection range. An intelligent system triggers an alarm if no regular activities are detected 3 minutes before the countdown expires.

Prompt Notifications for Added Assurance

Rest easy knowing that the system initiates a phone call and sends SMS notifications to three pre-stored numbers in case of an alarm. Timely alerts ensure that your safety is never compromised.

Remote Deactivation and Reopening

In situations where a false alarm occurs, remotely deactivate the alarm during the call by pressing “*”, and reopen it within 5 minutes by sending a text message “#” followed by the desired hours (1-96). This unique feature adds a layer of convenience to your security measures.


In conclusion, the SOS Help Alarm is not just a device; it’s a comprehensive safety solution. Experience the synergy of quick emergency response, detailed activity monitoring, and a personalized daily exercise countdown, all contributing to enhanced safety and peace of mind. Invest in your well-being with the SOS Help Alarm today.

Sos Help Alarm
Sos Help Alarm

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