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Corporate Information
Mosaic smart home products, give you a warm home life. We are to achieve sustainable development of the society as the goal, to create an environment derived from the value of career development. Products manufactured through recycling, use of environmentally friendly energy-efficient design, sold to worldwide more than 120 countries and regions.
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Business philosophy

Talent and technology, personnel training, first in practice manufactured products, doing business require management • Manufacturing • Technology • Marketing for the mission, to grasp the company for management, Design, strengthening the manufacturing site power requirements, high efficiency providing training of personnel.

To create the best energy saving products and services for the development of human society to contribute. Since the creation of the Mosaic program, it has been to present the concept-oriented, carry out the work. Our mission is through research and development production and sales of intelligent home products, to improve and enhance the quality of social life, to contribute to the development of world culture. This program, concise summary of the Mosaic business objectives and mission, is essential for all business activities of “philosophy.”

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