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Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System-MH10

Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System-MH10



4G SOS / Infrared Activity Detection Smart Unplugger; with remote SOS button and easy to operate keypad. This device can be paired with multiple external wireless buttons and used in the bathroom, bedside, etc.; a good helper for home life.

Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System


The product features of the Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System include:

  1. Quick Emergency Response:
    • Carry-on button and remote control “SOS” feature for immediate emergency assistance.
    • Two-way voice calls and SMS for help with a single press of the “SOS” button on both the remote control and main unit.
  2. Activity Monitoring:
    • Record daily human activities when the device is in standby mode.
    • Activate infrared motion detection by pressing “0” followed by a space, triggering a green light flash and audible confirmation.
    • Infrared detection range captures daily activities, with automatic SMS reports on a daily/weekly basis.
    • Deactivate motion detection by pressing ” “.
  3. Daily Exercise Countdown:
    • Set a 1-96 hour countdown reminder within the infrared detection range.
    • If no regular activities are detected 3 minutes before the countdown expires, an alarm will be triggered.
    • The system initiates a phone call and sends SMS notifications to three pre-stored numbers.
    • Remote deactivation of the alarm by pressing ” * ” during the call, and reopen within 5 minutes by sending a text message “#” followed by the desired hours (1-96).

Experience enhanced safety and peace of mind with our Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System, combining quick emergency response features, comprehensive activity monitoring, and a unique daily exercise countdown for added security and support.


The Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System is designed to ensure the safety and rapid response for seniors in emergency situations. It is equipped with two primary features:

Senior Personal Alert Device


  1. Fall Detection:
    • This feature is designed to automatically detect if the wearer has taken a fall. Utilizing advanced sensors and algorithms, it can distinguish between everyday movements and a fall.
    • In the event of a detected fall, the system instantly activates an alert procedure. It ensures that help is notified even if the individual is unable to press the SOS button.
  2. SOS Emergency Alarm:
    • The wearer can manually activate this feature by pressing the SOS button on their device.
    • Once pressed, it sends an immediate alert to pre-set contacts or a monitoring center, indicating that immediate assistance is required.
    • It’s particularly beneficial for seniors who may experience medical emergencies or other situations where they need urgent help.


User Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System

1. Scenario: Skeletalgia (Joint Pain)

Introducing our Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System, a cutting-edge smart help alarm designed to safeguard the elderly in multiple dimensions. In the case of skeletal pain, our system is equipped to detect signs of discomfort or joint-related issues in real-time. Through advanced sensors, it monitors the elderly person’s movements and can recognize patterns indicative of skeletal pain. Once detected, the system automatically alerts the pre-set emergency contacts, providing them with timely information to come and assist the elderly loved one.


2. Scenario: Tumble Detection

Safety is our priority, and our system is well-equipped to address the risk of falls. Using sophisticated motion sensors and algorithms, our Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System can identify sudden movements or falls. If a tumble is detected, the system triggers an immediate alert to the designated phone numbers, ensuring that family members are informed promptly. This allows for quick response and assistance in the event of a fall, reducing the risk of injury for the elderly individual.

Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System

3. Scenario: Headache Monitoring

Caring for the health of your loved ones includes addressing common ailments like headaches. Our system incorporates advanced health monitoring features to track vital signs and detect signs of discomfort such as headaches. By continuously monitoring these parameters, the system can identify unusual patterns or elevated levels of discomfort. When a potential issue is detected, the system sends notifications to the designated family members, enabling them to respond promptly and provide necessary care.

4. Scenario: Malaise Recognition

Recognizing signs of general malaise is crucial for comprehensive elderly care. Our Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System goes beyond basic alerts and can identify symptoms of malaise, such as fatigue or weakness. By leveraging state-of-the-art sensors and health monitoring technology, the system can detect deviations from normal behavior. In the event of malaise, the system initiates a notification to the specified phone numbers, allowing family members to intervene and offer appropriate support.

In each of these scenarios, our system provides a proactive and intelligent approach to elderly care. By addressing skeletal pain, falls, headaches, and general malaise, we aim to enhance the well-being of the elderly and provide peace of mind to their families. With the capability to notify family members promptly, our Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System ensures that help is always within reach when needed.


Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System

Enhanced Safety at Your Fingertips: Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System

The Advanced Senior Personal Emergency Response System is an innovative safety device designed with seniors in mind, offering quick and easy access to emergency services. The system features a sleek, handheld design with several key functionalities:

  • Dial Keyboard: The device includes a tactile dial keyboard with large, easy-to-press buttons, making it user-friendly for seniors who may have difficulty with smaller, more complicated interfaces.
  • Microphone: A built-in, high-sensitivity microphone allows for clear voice transmission, ensuring that the user can be heard easily by emergency operators or caregivers during an emergency call.
  • Pilot Lamp: The pilot lamp provides a visual indication of the device’s status and can be particularly helpful in signaling the activation of an emergency call or the charging state.
  • Loudspeaker: A powerful loudspeaker ensures that the user can hear responses from emergency services or caregivers, even in a noisy environment.
  • Built-in Battery: The internal battery is designed for long-lasting operation, reducing the need to frequently charge the device and ensuring it is ready for use when needed.
  • 4G Slot: With a 4G slot, the device can connect to cellular networks, offering reliable communication capabilities without the need for a landline. This feature is crucial for use outside of the home or in areas without traditional phone service.

The device also bears the CE marking, indicating that it has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. This compact and portable emergency response system is an essential tool for seniors living independently, providing peace of mind to both the users and their loved ones.