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Medical Alert Systems For Life Help Alarm System-HA28

Medical Alert Systems For Life Help Alarm System-HA28


Medical Alert Systems for Seniors No Monthly Fee with Waterproof Help Buttons. Family Caregiver aid. Life Help Alarm System for Seniors Living independently-HA28

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Helping Mom and Dad Live Independent in their Own Home.

Do you have elderly parents living alone?

Do you worry they may fall or need help when you are not there?

Mom and Dad are getting Older and need a little help. You are busy with your work and kids, and cannot always be checking in on them. Standard medical alert systems are expensive and you do not want another utility bill each month.

This is why we designed the No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System.

Our emergency alert system gives them and you peace of mind with no monthly bills. Imagine the freedom of not worrying all the time, being able to relax a bit, knowing mom and dad are safe. If they need help all they need to do is press the wireless help button and the system will call you and other family members. The system works great if there are family members or friends living close by and can save you thousands of dollars per year. This is the perfect gift for mom and dad.

DIY Setup – Its easy and takes just 5 minutes.

Wireless Button Range


  • 300 Feet from the base Line of sight.
  • Walls and Furniture will reduce the range slightly.
  • Works in the home and around the yard for most standard homes.


Home Telephone Line Required

The system plugs into your existing home telephone line which Must be a Standard Home Land Line or Cable Line.Warning – DO NOT USE – If you have a VOIP, WIFI, or Cellular Telephone Line as they are not reliable for use with emergency response systems. These lines use the internet and are not stable enough or 100% reliable.

We have a dedicated customer support line where we can answer your questions or walk you through the installation.

Comes with a Telephone Splitter


The system comes with a telephone splitter so there is no need to purchase another one

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Waterproof Help Buttons

Our Wireless Help Buttons

Our buttons have been redesigned to be be 100% Waterproof. You can wear them in the shower or bathtub. You do not have to take them off when doing dishes. Falls can happen anytime and especially when getting in and out of a wet tub.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Wear them in the Shower and Bath Tub
  • 100% Peace of Mind
  • Special Design Lynyard with Pull Appart Clip to Avoid Choking If Pendant is Caught
  • Easy DIY Battery Replacement (CR2032 battery). Battery lasts 1-2 years


Our Competitors Wireless Help Buttons

Always check as many of our competitors only have splash proof buttons, which means you cannot wear them in the shower or tub. This is when most falls happen.

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How The System Works

1. Anytime you need help, press your wireless help button or the help button on the main unit

2. The system will dial the 1st phone number that is programmed into the system

3. When the responder receives the call the help message will play. They can then press 5 to accept the call or 9 to reject the call.

4. If they reject the call, the system will hang up and call the next programmed phone number, if there is no answer it will continue to call the next number and cycle until someone answers.

Press 5 to Answer the Call and connect 2-Way Voice

If you press 5 to accept the call, the system will open up the 2-way voice. You will be able to talk through your phone direct the person needing help and they will talk and listen through the system base speaker.

If help is user requires help, you end the call by pressing 9, then call 911 dispatch.

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Setting Up Your Medical Alert System In 3 Steps – Installation Help Available

Step 1.

Plug the AC power plug into a wall AC Outlet and the other end into the alert system.

Plug the telephone cord into the wall jack and the other end into the alert system

Note: A telephone splitter is provided.

Step 2.

Record your help message.

Recording Example. This is Mrs Jones, I need help.

Step 3.

Program your responder phone numbers

You can program 3 responder phone numbers into the system. These numbers can be a Cell phone or landline.

Accept software customized design.


Personal Safety Alarm With LED Light

The Personal Safety Alarm With LED Light is a compact and user-friendly device meticulously designed to enhance your personal safety. Whether you’re walking alone at night, facing an emergency situation, or exploring the great outdoors, this alarm ensures you’re heard and seen when it matters most.

Key Features:

  1. 130dB Alarm:
    • Equipped with a powerful 130dB alarm, this device emits an attention-grabbing sound that can be distinctly heard from as far away as 1,000 feet. When danger strikes, rest assured that help will be on its way.
    • The high decibel level ensures that even in noisy environments or from a considerable distance, the alarm will catch the attention of those nearby.
  2. Easy Attachment:
    • Designed with convenience in mind, the Personal Safety Alarm features a built-in loop. Easily attach it to your keys, bags, or carabiners.
    • No need to fumble around during critical moments—keep it accessible and within reach.
  3. Flashing LED Light:
    • In low-light conditions, visibility is crucial. The integrated flashing LED light provides an extra layer of safety.
    • Activate the LED light to enhance your visibility and signal your location. Whether you’re stranded or need assistance, this feature ensures you’re easily spotted.
  4. How It Works:
    • Siren Activation: Simply remove the pin top to activate the siren. Once triggered, the alarm will sound loudly and continue for 30 minutes until the batteries are depleted.
    • Siren Deactivation: Re-insert the pin to stop the siren. Quick and straightforward.
    • LED Light: Press the button on the side of the device to activate the flashing LED light. It will brightly illuminate your surroundings. Press the button again to turn off the light.
  5. Alert Others in Emergencies:
    • Whether you’re facing an attacker, lost in the wilderness, or need urgent help, this safety alarm is your ally.
    • The 130dB alarm ensures that others—up to 1,000 feet away—will hear your distress signal.
    • The flashing LED light adds an extra layer of visibility, making it easier for rescuers or passersby to locate you.

In summary, the Personal Safety Alarm With LED Light combines powerful sound, easy attachment, and enhanced visibility to provide peace of mind in critical situations. Keep it by your side, and stay safe!

Personal Safety Alarm

Personal Safety Alarm


Home Elderly Help Alarm: Your Safety Companion

The Home Elderly Help Alarm is a smart and reliable solution designed to enhance safety and provide peace of mind for seniors and their caregivers. Let’s explore its key features:

  1. Quick Emergency Response:
    • The device features a carry-on button and a remote control with an “SOS” feature. In critical situations, a single press of the “SOS” button on either the remote control or the main unit triggers immediate emergency assistance.
    • Enjoy two-way voice calls and SMS notifications for help. Whether you’re in the bathroom, by the bedside, or anywhere at home, this system ensures that you’re connected to the right people when you need them most.
  2. Activity Monitoring:
    • Even in standby mode, the Home Elderly Help Alarm diligently records daily human activities.
    • Infrared motion detection can be activated by pressing “0” followed by a space. This triggers a green light flash and an audible confirmation.
    • The infrared detection range captures daily activities, and you’ll receive automatic SMS reports on a daily or weekly basis.
    • To deactivate motion detection, simply press the designated button.
  3. Daily Exercise Countdown:
    • Set a customizable countdown reminder within the infrared detection range. Choose any duration from 1 to 96 hours.
    • If no regular activities are detected 3 minutes before the countdown expires, an alarm will be triggered.
    • The system takes action by initiating a phone call and sending SMS notifications to three pre-stored numbers.
    • For added flexibility, you can remotely deactivate the alarm during the call by pressing “*”. To reopen it within 5 minutes, send a text message with “#” followed by the desired hours (1-96).
  4. Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind:
    • The Home Elderly Help Alarm is your reliable companion, providing comprehensive support.
    • Whether you’re a caregiver or a senior, rest assured that this system combines quick emergency response features, activity monitoring, and a unique daily exercise countdown.
    • Stay safe, stay connected, and experience enhanced security with our advanced solution.

In summary, the Home Elderly Help Alarm is more than just a device—it’s a lifeline for those who value safety and independence.

Home Elderly Help Alarm

Home Elderly Help Alarm