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Smart PIR Night Light Alarm-MA20

Smart PIR Night Light Alarm-MA20


Ma20 A001 拷贝

Smart PIR Night Light Alarm Features:

  1. Night Light Function: Provides illumination in the dark.
  2. Low Power Design: Energy-efficient.
  3. Motion Detection: Can sense movement in its vicinity.
  4. User-Friendly Operation: Easy to use.
  5. Loud Alarm Sound (130dB).

Usage Scenarios Of Smart PIR Night Light Alarm

Ma20 A002 拷贝 E1684572940975For Room Side WayMa20主图007 拷贝For Garage
  1. For Room Side Way:
    • Automatic Night Lighting: Install the Smart PIR Night Light Alarm in hallways, corridors, or room entrances. When someone walks by, the motion detection feature activates the night light, providing gentle illumination without the need to fumble for switches.
    • Safety and Convenience: Imagine stepping out of your bedroom at night – the night light guides your way, preventing accidental stumbles or collisions. It’s especially useful for children or elderly family members who may need to move around during the night.
    • Energy-Efficient: Since the night light only activates when motion is detected, it conserves energy and ensures you have just the right amount of light when needed.
  2. For Garages:
    • Enhanced Security: Place the Smart PIR Night Light Alarm near the garage entrance or inside the garage. When someone approaches, the motion sensor triggers the light, alerting you to their presence. This added layer of security can deter potential intruders.
    • Easy Navigation: Whether you’re parking your car or retrieving tools, the night light ensures visibility. No more fumbling in the dark – the garage becomes a safer and more organized space.
    • Battery-Powered Convenience: Since this alarm is battery-powered, installation is hassle-free. You can mount it on the garage wall or ceiling without worrying about electrical connections.


Smart Pir Night Light Alarm1.Power Saving Technology

    1. : The device is designed with power-saving features, ensuring efficient energy usage.

2.Low Power Consumption

    1. : It consumes minimal power, contributing to environmental conservation.

3.Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

    1. : The device promotes eco-friendly practices.

4.Low Battery Indication

    1. : Alerts users when the battery is running low.

5.Durable Quality

    1. : The product is built to withstand wear and tear.

6.Night Light Feature

    : Provides gentle illumination during nighttime.

Smart Pir Night Light Alarm Anti-Theft Scene

Smart PIR Night Light Alarm Anti-theft Scene

  1. Attic:
    • Detection in Spacious Attic: The alarm effectively detects an intruder attempting theft in a well-lit, spacious attic.
    • Attic Security: Attics, often isolated and less frequented, can be vulnerable to theft. The alarm ensures security in such spaces.
  2. Garage:
    • Motorcycle Theft Prevention: The alarm detects a thief trying to steal a motorcycle in a garage filled with tools and equipment.
    • Garage Security: Garages, housing valuable items, are common targets for theft. The alarm enhances security by alerting homeowners.
  3. Living Room:
    • Burglary Prevention: An intruder is caught in the act of burglary in a stylish living room setting.
    • Main Living Area Security: The living room is a central space in homes. The alarm ensures safety within this area.
  4. Store:
    • Shoplifting Detection: The image shows a shoplifter stealing from a store with shelves full of goods.
    • Commercial Space Security: Even commercial spaces are susceptible to theft. The alarm provides security in retail environments.

Smart Pir Night Light Alarm

Introduction To Where To Use Smart PIR Night Light Alarm

  1. Window Installation:
    • The alarm can be attached near a window to enhance security during the night. It detects motion and illuminates the area, alerting homeowners to any potential intruders.
  2. Shed Security:
    • The alarm is mounted on the exterior wall of a shed. It provides visibility and acts as a deterrent against unauthorized access.
  3. Warehouse Safety:
    • In a warehouse setting, the Smart PIR Night Light Alarm ensures better visibility in dimly lit areas. It helps prevent accidents and assists in monitoring the premises.
  4. Garage Alert:
    • Installed in the garage, the alarm serves as an early warning system. It activates when motion is detected, providing safety and convenience.
  5. Porch Protection:
    • On the porch, the Smart PIR Night Light Alarm illuminates the entrance, making it easier to navigate at night. It also discourages unwanted visitors.
  6. Wall Placement:
    • When mounted on a wall, the alarm covers a broader area. It enhances overall security by detecting movement and providing illumination.