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PA68 – Personal Alarm Black / Pink / Purple

PA68 – Personal Alarm Black / Pink / Purple


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Pa68 Personal Alarm
Pa68 Personal Alarm

130dB Ultra Sound

130dB ultra sound personal alarm

          • High powered
          • Alarm last over 30 minutes
          • 2pcs CR2016 battery

Easy to operate

Remove pin top to activate siren. Siren will immediately sound for up to 30 minutes. Re- insert the pin to stop siren.

Energy saving

Low power consumption, which ensure alarm long standby for two 2 years.

Applicable for children, elderly, women and carers

Safe Sound AlarmElderly Sos AlarmWomen Sos Alarm

For Children

PA68Personal alarm are often used by nurses, parents, carers and their patients and children. Patients and children can quickly and easily alert others if they require attention, typically if they’re lost or injured.

For Elderly

It can be as small wearable pendants that an older person can use to get help if they fall, get lost, feel unwell or need help for any other problem.

For Women

Women who never came home from mall, or from walking the streets alone or running errants or going to the store or going to the market or work, if they had only had a personal alarm for sure, would have had a chance to have returned.


How personal safety alarms work?

Personal alarms work because they emit a loud, high-pitched frequency, which is far more irritating to the ears than a low pitch frequency of the same volume.


Product CodePA68
Power dissipation0.01mAh
Power Supply2 CR1632 Alkaline Batteries
Standby Time2 years